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We are now setting up Advertisers and Sponsors for the Real Health Podcast. We are planning on having 2 to 4 new episodes per month with a variety of topics and speakers. Dr. Ron will be the host of many of the episodes and will be joined by a variety of guests each season.

Advertisers/Sponsors will*:
  • Be acknowledged by the show host during the intro of each episode that month.
  • Have two 20 to 35-second “commercials” aired during the podcast. We can either play an mp4 file that you provide or we can have Dr. Ron read a scripted commercial on your behalf. You will have final approval of this ad before we include it.
  • Be promoted on all marketing materials leading up to the sponsored episodes. This includes on social media, email blasts, in the Health Hunters or anything else that might arise. Anything in print can link back to your organization and include your approved logo.
  • Contact information and a short bio on your organization will be included in the show notes which will be available for download on our website.
  • Your company name and URL will also be included in the episode description that is posted on streaming platforms.

The funds received are allocated to the education programs here at the Riordan Clinic. We may have more than one sponsor at a time but never conflicting industries. Sponsorships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to approval by the Riordan Clinic. Funds must be paid prior to the recording of the episode. Once an episode is recorded, it is not possible to remove the commercials or promotions except for on our own website. We encourage advertisers to promote the podcast and their partnership on their own platforms and channels.

The costs of Advertising/Sponsorships are as follows*:
  • $250 per episode
  • $450 per month (two episodes)
  • $400 per month with a consecutive three-month commitment

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Sponsorship Registration

All applications must be accompanied by credit card or check made payable to Riordan Clinic for the full amount. Our Tax I.D. Number is 480840415. Download the sponsorship form to fax/email back, or fill out the form below.

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